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12-05-13, 18:21
What is the correct relationship between A and B?
They share an uncle and an aunt but have different grandparents and are not related by blood.
The uncle is a brother of one of A's parents and the aunt is the sister of one of B's parents.

Unrelated except by marriage?

Tom Tom
12-05-13, 18:29
If I am reading it correctly then they are not related at all.

The Uncle is obviously related to A as he is the brother of one of A's parents.

The Aunt is obviously related to B as she is the sister of one of B's parents.

Therefore, Uncle becomes the Uncle of B through marriage, and the Aunt becomes the Aunt of A through marriage.

However, there is no link between A and B.

Any children of the Aunt and Uncle would be cousins to both A and B, although A and B are not related. You have cousins from your paternal side, and cousins from your maternal side.

Hope this helps?