View Full Version : Anybody find this man in 1901 or his death thanks

Val wish Id never started
11-05-13, 19:40
John or Reuben RIVERS or RAVERS born abt 1826 Germany a Shoemaker in St George in The East Workhouse in 1891
http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=view&r=5538&dbid=6598&iid=LNDRG12_288_290-0175&fn=John&ln=Rivers&st=r&ssrc=pt_t6737403_p6093528682_kpidz0q3d6093528682z0 q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid&pid=9846452


11-05-13, 21:06
Not directly...
But there's
Alfred Reuben Rivers death in 1979 qtr1 Croydon vol 11 page 22 (born 22 Nov 1896)
Francis Reuben C Rivers death 1974 qtr2 Alton vol 20 page 40 (born 15 Nov 1903)
either or both of whom might be his son(s).

Have you tried looking on FreeBMD for deaths? There are some John Rivers who might be him - I haven't tried other variations.

Val wish Id never started
11-05-13, 21:42
thanks for looking but I have his sons death ,there is a death 1895 right age but in Colchester Essex ? did wonder if he was transferred from St Geo to a Workhouse there ?