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05-05-13, 18:56
Once again I'm relying on Mum here, she says that her Uncle Thomas (Tommy) was married to a woman that they called Aunt Lil. However I cannot find any indication of a Lil but there's a Lydia Hunter marriage in 1934, Stockton. Does anyone have any advice I can use here? Most of the Stockton marriages have middle names and my Tommy doesn't have one. For reference he was born in June 1915, Stockton.

Cheers guys.

05-05-13, 19:51
Can your Mum remember approx when they got married?

Did they have any children? That would be a way of finding her maiden name.

If they were married in the 1930s, chances are the children could still be alive, so pls don't post any names unless you're sure they've died.

05-05-13, 19:59
Mum said that they had 1 Daughter and it's very similar to the capital of Paris.. F........s
Am I allowed to post that or do I need to delete that bit?

Could have been a 1940's marriage.

05-05-13, 20:35
Think you still need a bit more info from your Mum, like:

Whereabouts in the country was Thomas Phillips married?

A more accurate date for the marriage would help.

Whereabouts did the family live?

Approx when and was FP born?

05-05-13, 20:42
Thomas parents were born in Stockton, George Phillips & Emily Thomas.
The Phillips' family seem to be mainly from the Stockton/Middlesbrough areas.
I've done a general Phillips, 1940+10 and Stockton births and there's an FP there.. It's not quite the name Mum told me but it's very similar. There's a Mother's surname of Ayre there.

05-05-13, 20:47
And there's a marriage in Durham SE for a TP in 1947 to someone with the GN that you're looking for.

05-05-13, 20:52
That might be why I couldn't find it then, I was specifically searching Stockton. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

06-05-13, 06:45
it's a good idea to remember family didn't stay put, especially the last 2 centuries. if you can't find anything in the area you *think* they should be in, widen it to the rest of the county, or even country.

i had a family that lived in leeds for generations, and one uncle vanished. turns out he ran away to nottingham. but there are many instances of this in my and others trees.

Janet in Yorkshire
06-05-13, 07:02
Marriages often took place in the bride's home parish if the couple were of different parishes. Difference of a few miles in distance can mean a different county or different reg dist.

Chrissie Smiff
06-05-13, 09:59
If that FMP is the right family, you should be aware that she has married twice and her and her husband were still listed on the 2002 Electoral role. So you need to be careful about names.

p.s. Her husband appears to have her in a tree on GR.

06-05-13, 11:59
I found the first marriage and then I found the second but the first one died in the 80's and she re-married in the 70's still under the surname of W....
Mum did say that the first husband had died and so she married again.

P.S. Does anyone know how to pronounce the name?

06-05-13, 21:00
I guess all I need to do now is find a death for Thomas. I did have one but it wasn't in Stockton and Mum remembers him living in Roseworth (the estate over the road to Hardwick (both in Stockton) and dying at some point in the 90's, the one I had was 1991. Mum also says that each of the Phillips siblings died in a certain order. I've found all apart from Thomas.

The 5 babies were between 1913/1921
Emily- 1924/1990
Thomas- 1915/....
Mary- 1905/1997 (Aug)
Albert- 1921/1997 (Oct)
Ivy- 1909/1998

To be safe I've searched Stockton Roots and there's 3 between 1970/2013. Only one hasn't got a middle name so I've crossed back to Ancestry and it's a birth of 11th May 1911 so it's not mine. Mother must be wrong then.

Tees Valley also brings up the same results.

12-05-13, 21:45
hmm is there actually a way for trees to be accessed on Genes Reunited without paying for a sub, or by using a Library? I cannot find the deaths of Thomas or his wife Lilian and I know there's a tree on Genes with their Daughter on it and I was hoping to get lucky through the Genes tree.

Janet in Yorkshire
12-05-13, 23:05
You can only access a tree on GR with the permission of the tree holder. I think you can only initiate contact and request to see a tree if you are a paying member.

Val wish Id never started
13-05-13, 14:27
if you'd like to pm me with the details I'll have a look on GR

20-06-13, 12:35
Found Tommy's death, Aunty Blank told me it yesterday. 14th March 1996 so I guess it was in an order then.

Mary's husband, Robert Henry Cook died in 1969
Ivy's husband, John Henry Laverick died in 1971
Emily died in 1990
Tommy's wife died in 1995
Tommy in 1996
Mary died in Aug 1997
Granddad Albert in Oct 1997
Ivy in April 1998
Nanna Mavis in Feb 1999
Emily's husband Desmond Preece in 2002

The first of any of their children died in 2010- Evelyn Preece.
The second of them died this year- John Laverick JR