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Loopy Linda in La La Land
22-04-13, 09:19
To commemorate Anzac Day on Thursday 25 April,
findmypast.com.au is offering FREE access to all
military records from Monday 22 April to Friday 26 April


22-04-13, 09:32
just to point out, most australian service records are on our national archives site. those that are not digitised can be ordered, and once done, they are loaded to the site.

Loopy Linda in La La Land
22-04-13, 10:14


Janet in Yorkshire
22-04-13, 11:04
Thank you Kyle for that tip. I've just visited the Aus NA site and found a 59 page record for one of my twigs :) Shot twice, in the leg, than later in the back. One sister, acting as guardian, signed for him to go, then the eldest sister wrote to the war dept asking to also be notified should "anything happen to him", as she and her younger sister didn't speak! Full details of every treatment during his hospital stints and of ALL his movements. Really comprehensive record, so thanks again. ................ Thanks also to Linda for raising the topic and advising us of the FMP.com offer. ................... Jay