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Val wish Id never started
20-04-13, 21:22
William Illedge ?? BROOKS Mar quarter St Giles 1b 398

It also says this on the baptism ? cant believe its right ?

http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=view&r=5538&dbid=8912&iid=ONS_B18601AZ-0140&fn=William+Illeige&ln=Brooks&st=r&ssrc=pt_t6737403_p6971912693_kpidz0q3d6971912693z0 q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid&pid=34345291

Night Owl
20-04-13, 21:46
I've not heard of it before Val but if you go on FreeBMD and search 'all types' and put +illedge (if you put the + sign you'll get first and middle names) in the first name box, a few come up. Its also a surname so I wonder whether this is where it comes from

Val wish Id never started
20-04-13, 21:57
hello Jackie long time no see ? thanks for that never heard of it before and not found it in the family anywhere YET?

liz hutchison
20-04-13, 22:32
Hi was he born Feb 11 and baptised in 4th March 1860, son of elizabeth and Henry Brooks whom was a painter. At Saint George Bloomsby, also,
Probate on his Will.
William Illedge Brooks other wise William Henry of 8 Emcroft Crescent, Golden Green, Henden. Died 22 Fen 1947 Adminstration ( Limited) London
9th October to Ernest Robert Sorrell county Treasure, effects 374 pound 11 shillings and 1 penny. 1950.
Illedge is a old Anglo Saxon name. They even have their own Crest, maybe it could have been either in Henry or Elizabeths past. Lizzy

Val wish Id never started
20-04-13, 22:46
oh thanks Liz thats him yes, was that on ancestry ???

liz hutchison
20-04-13, 23:35
Yep heaps of chidren to this couple no Trees but which is a bitty unusual. Good in one way as no wrong infor there.Lizzy

Val wish Id never started
21-04-13, 20:46
thanks Liz