View Full Version : Photographs: Anyone live near Sheet Hants and/or Petersfield who could take some photos pls.

20-04-13, 11:37
I was wondering if anyone who lived near Sheet, Hants, could take some photos of the Village there and churches. In 1861 my Daniel Cook lived in 6 Mill Lane. He and his wife Sally Phelps/Philps were married 8 Aug 1840 in Petersfield Hants. I don't know which church tho, and I don't know how far Sheet is from Petersfield. HIS parents were Thomas Cook b 1 May 1777 and he was baptised again in Petersfield. He and his wife Elizabeth Fisher were also married in Petersfield. And Thomas's father William was also married there in 1763 - I guess it was the family church.

I'd be thrilled to bits to get any pics. I was in England in 1999 but never got down to Hants. myself.

Dubonnet lady
20-04-13, 16:24
Jood - there's this site: http://www.francisfrith.com/petersfield/#utmcsr=google.co.uk&utmcmd=referral&utmccn=google.co.uk

and this https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=sheet+hampshire+parish+records&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a

Put Sheet to Petersfield into Google Maps and you'll see it's about 2 miles not even separated really they run into each other.

Bit too far for me to go for photos tho - sorry :)

20-04-13, 17:46
There is a picture of St Peter's, Petersfield in our very own Places of Worship:

http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/File:St_Peters,_Petersfield_SHIRLEY_SILVER_SURFER. JPG

It doesn't look as though St Mary Magdelen (http://www.stmarymagdalensheet.org.uk/contact.html), Sheet has been "done" yet though. I make no promises for instant photography, since it depends on my "chauffeur" but might be able to oblige at some time if I'm in the vicinity.

23-04-13, 13:20
Thanks Caroline & Dubonnet. I wondered why I hadn't got a reply, I didnt get an email message reminding me!

I'm just off to bed now - it's late. Will have a peek in the morning. I do appreciate your help girls.

24-04-13, 23:46
Caroline is that the only church in Petersfield, as my information doesn't show which church.
Maybe I could get someone to look up the births and marriages. I have the information but not from where it came.

I just know they lived in 6 Mill Lane in 1861.