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Janet in Yorkshire
19-04-13, 22:15
Carl Ferry, tailor, born Sweden c1841, wife Elizabeth born England 1849
They married in 1875 and in 1881 census they were in London.
I have them sailing Southampton to NY in 1894
And they were in Manhattan in census 1900, 1905, 1910
In 1905 they state they have citizenship and were immigrants16 yrs ago (1889)
(I have found citizenship application – 1897, immigrated 1889)
Can’t find them in 1890 US or 1891 England census
Can anyone find any earlier sailings, please? I suspect the1894 sailing above was a return as they onlyhad two pieces of luggage.

Janet in Yorkshire
19-04-13, 23:15
I'm not ignoring anyone, but I must go to bed now.

20-04-13, 00:54
I'm a night owl. I have looked for them in 1889. Can't find them arriving in NY Castle Garden, Ellis or any record on Ancestry or anywhere else in the USA.

I think the 1890 census for USA was destroyed in fire. Have looked at the 1892 NY census can't find them on there. No luck with 1891 UK either. I suppose they could have been moving between census.


liz hutchison
20-04-13, 01:07
Had a quick look for you in the 1900-1910 Census which they are both in arriving in America 1889. One says Karl the other says Lizzie but it looks like your family, Lizzy

liz hutchison
20-04-13, 01:13
Forgot to add he is a Tailor in both Census lizzy

20-04-13, 02:48
A city directory might help, but I'm not finding one online for free.

Janet in Yorkshire
20-04-13, 08:21
Thank you everyone for looking and for your suggestions. Ah well, Family History wouldn't be much fun if we didn't always have a few little puzzles in the pending tray:question:

22-04-13, 20:19
Have you got this one

UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 with Elizabeth going to London, Tailor
Name: Carl Ferry
Birth Date: abt 1840
Age: 72
Port of Departure: New York, New York, United States
Arrival Date: 1 Jun 1912
Port of Arrival: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Celtic
Shipping Line: White Star Dominion Line
Official Number: 113476

Janet in Yorkshire
22-04-13, 20:39
No I hadn't got that, Elaine - thanks very much indeed ...... Jay

Janet in Yorkshire
22-04-13, 20:46
Wow, Elaine, you're a star - they both died in Norfolk, Elizabeth in 1919 and Carl in 1922. No wonder I couldn't find NY deaths for them! Looks like the puzzle is solved now. You supplied the missing piece, Elaine for which I'm vey grateful.:clap: Jay