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16-04-13, 15:15
Could someone please check the records here? My mother passed away very recently and was cremated here so its too painful for me to go there at the moment. Im looking for the cremation record for a Doris Ethel Ashby who died in 1975 and was apparently cremated here. Thank you.

08-05-13, 10:53
Hi Rachel,

I have checked the online 'Book of Remembrance' http://sites.bookofremembrance.eu/index.php?site=putneyvale for PV and nothing is showing. [though I do think that you have to pay extra if you have a name inserted in this book, so not ALL cremations will be in it.]

I could only spot this record for Doris, is this the right one?

Name: Doris Ethel Ashby
Birth Date: 6 Aug 1926
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1976
Age at Death: 49
Registration district: Westminster
Inferred County: London
Volume: 15
Page: 1774

there is also an e-mail address on the search form on the link for PV, so this might be an avenue for you to explore when you are feeling able, [might be easier than speaking to them face to face in light of your recent bereavement]