View Full Version : Sawyer to French Polisher ?

Val wish Id never started
11-04-13, 17:18
how likely is it a man would go from being a sawyer to a french polisher ? I am looking for somebody in 1891 and 1901 the only likely one is a French Polisher, but in census records a marriage in 1879 and a child Baptism before 1891 he is a sawyer? and again in a marriage in 1909 he is a sawyer.

11-04-13, 17:24
A sawyer covers a huge range, from rough sawing in a timber yard, to cutting out final pieces in a furniture factory. My father was a cabinet maker, but started off in the saw mill of a furniture factory and did actually do some French polishing. Based on this it is highly likely.

Val wish Id never started
11-04-13, 17:29
oh thanks Pete this man has disappeared if it isn't him ?