View Full Version : Adoption facility with Ancestry family trees?

08-04-13, 09:50
Please does anyone know if there is a facility within Ancestry trees that help indicate that someone was adopted into the family.
I am trying to sort out my tree a bit and wondered if there was another way other than writing adopted after the name.

Thank you

Elaine ..Spain
08-04-13, 11:41
Does this help?


08-04-13, 11:44
Sorry for butting in guys, thanks for the link Elaine. I've been trying to figure out how to add my John.

08-04-13, 12:13
Thank you so much Elaine and glad it helped someone else too Lennon.

08-04-13, 12:20
Oo I can also add a deed poll name change, it's so easy.... when you know how.

08-04-13, 12:21
Yeah now I just need to figure out WHO I actually attach him to if I ever find out who his parents are. Do I leave the ones that brought him up etc or those that gave him away due to circumstances under their control?

Chrissie Smiff
08-04-13, 12:25
Thank you Elaine and Bubblebell for the thread:) I realise now that my problem was because I hadn't bothered to enter her birth parents, only her adoptive ones. Can put that right now:)

08-04-13, 12:31
Lennon, if you go down the instructions there is a link to

Listing adopted or stepchild's biological parents in a family tree

that might help.

Now looking to see how to add a long term partner, who they never married.

It's a whole new world out there Chrissie.

08-04-13, 12:45
ahh I see it now.. If you do find the partner not married thing please can you let me know bubbles?

08-04-13, 12:49
So far I have found how to sort out children with a named man but not a spouse


Still sorting adoptions will get back if I find partner bit.

08-04-13, 13:09
Okay Lennon in much the same way as adoption.

Add the name of partner as if a spouse
Then go into Profile
Then edit.
Go into relationships
This should give you Spouse information then as a Spouse and next to this change, click this and drop down box choose Partner

..... Simples :)

Elaine ..Spain
08-04-13, 13:16
Now looking to see how to add a long term partner, who they never married.

Use the same RELATIONSHIP tab.
Go to the PROFILE of the person in your tree, click on EDIT THIS PERSON (below their name)
Next to name of spouse, click on CHANGE
In the drop down list select PARTNER (or whatever is applicable)

Elaine ..Spain
08-04-13, 13:17
Ooh, got there before me! :rotfl:

08-04-13, 13:18
Aww thank you bubbles. I have Evan Thomas married to Mary Morgan in Wales, he then comes over to England- Stockton to be precise and he then has more children with Mary Chapman stating that they are married.

08-04-13, 13:25
Thanks Elaine. Amazing what options are there when you know how.