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06-04-13, 10:33
Tell me I'm not going mad ........ or maybe I am.

Yesterday on Familysearch (IGI) I picked up this marriage:

Edward Tichener and Mary Killicke married Jun 1660 in Horley

Today I can't find a trace of this marriage. I can only think I've got some detail completely wrong :confused:

If anyone has a spare minute, could you have a look for me.

Thank you.

Anne in Carlisle
06-04-13, 10:48
Only 5 marriages for Horley in 1660 and that's not one of them. There are a couple of baptisms for Horley for children of Edward Tichener


06-04-13, 11:09
:crying:I really really dislike familysearch ................

Thanks Anne

Elaine ..Spain
06-04-13, 12:02
Is this the one you found?

06-04-13, 12:12
That's it! Thank you , thank you Elaine!!!!

But put in the batch number from that page and it comes back with "no records", so I still don't much like the site.

Anne in Carlisle
06-04-13, 14:17
Ah! I see it was still just in the old IGI part.
I only use the new searches now which all seem to be extracted from the records. I have needed to do quite a lot of cross checking against actual PRs compared to the new Familysearch and have found very, very few errors or "made up" entries.


Val wish Id never started
06-04-13, 18:08
I hate familysearch now ,never seem to find anybody on it

06-04-13, 19:40
I don't understand this at all but I'm sure there is a logical, technical explanation.

I found the original marriage using my computer at home.
Today, I was using my work computer and couldn't find the marriage anywhere, even after Elaine's help, I still couldn't find it by putting the names in the search boxes.
Now I'm using my home computer again, and the marriage has appeared straight away - top of the list in fact!!!

So .............. familysearch on my home computer is different to familysearch on my work computer.......... hmmmmm!

Val wish Id never started
06-04-13, 20:06
:rotfl:no wonder I cannot find anybody on it