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City Hall
05-04-13, 13:20
Hi all.
I have tried without success to locate an Inquest record or Newspaper article in relation to the following gentleman.
Robert McKee, Private, 4th Royal Irish Regiment.
He died aged 18 after being accidentally shot on 6th December, 1917 at Bellmount Hutments, County Cork, Ireland while undergoing training before being posted to France. According to his death certificate the details relating to the cause of death were 'received from Edmond Rice, deputy coroner for Cork County GR. Inquest held on 7th December, 1917 at Queenstown'(now called COBH) County Cork.
If anyone can advise me where I can find the Inquest record or a newspaper article, or can supply any details directly, I would be very grateful.

05-04-13, 13:47
Hi Paul
Have you seen this on Ancestry? UK soldiers died in the Great War.


Val wish Id never started
05-04-13, 13:57
if you write to where the inquest was held they should have a copy of it

Val wish Id never started
05-04-13, 14:00
says he died in 1915 on FMP

Val wish Id never started
05-04-13, 14:01
have you got his army number ?

05-04-13, 14:05
Cork newspapers for the period are available at the British Newspaper Library in London (Colindale).

05-04-13, 16:40
says he died in 1915 on FMP

Think you'll find this a different Robert McKee Val - a 32 year old Lance Corporal (no 6766) in the Royal Irish RIFLES - buried in Belgium

05-04-13, 18:11
says he died in 1915 on FMP
The link Moggie posted showed rifleman Robert McKee born Drumbad Co Down, died 1915 in France, Private Robert McKee, born Shankhill, Belfast, died 1917 "home"

City Hall
06-04-13, 11:30
Thanks to all who have taken the time to reply so far. It would appear I have 2 possible courses of action to follow. I have to rule out visiting the British Newspaper Library in Colindale, London as I am based in N Ireland. That just leaves the option of establishing exactly who is the custodian of Inquest records from that time period(if they still exist) and making contact.

07-04-13, 11:30
I would e-mail the National Archives in Dublin and see if they hold the Cork coroners files.


City Hall
09-04-13, 09:53
Thanks Elwyn, and sorry for the delay in replying.
PS I also am based in Co. Antrim. Above the snow line, we still have lying snow, almost 3 weeks after it fell.