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02-04-13, 13:54
I wanted to view a Waterman and Lighterman record for my 4x great grandfather Thomas John Morris b about 1817, Rotherhithe Surrey area. Find My Past has the record and I decided to buy some credits on pay as you go basis to see it. As I went to pay by credit card my internet security programme flagged up a warning that the page may be compromised so I decided not to go ahead. I informed FMP thru their feedback survey. I am aware there have been scams where you can be diverted to a false site that looks like the real one and I tried various ways to make sure I was on the genuine pay page. I wonder if I have fed back to a real FMP survey.... am I paranoid? :question: Has anyone else come across this?

02-04-13, 14:19
Did the address (in the bar at the top) begin with https://www.findmypast.co.uk? Note the S at the end of https; this indicates you are on a secure site and are probably safe.

Which security program do you use? Some of them return 'false positives', especially if the site has recently gone through changes and the security program hasn't caught up.

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02-04-13, 15:16
where did you go to buy the credits ?

03-04-13, 06:36
Used up some of my free credits on FMP and looked at the records. They don't tell you much though. Thomas John Morris Bound Year:1832, Bound date: Dec 13th, From: Rotherhithe, Masters name: Michael Thomas Morris. 1847 date shows Master: Thomas John Morris with a crew member George Oldrey. So if I'm reading this right looks like Thomas John took over the vessel from his father?. the 2 later records have different crew members listed.

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04-04-13, 01:38
all sites tell you that you may be compromised when paying for something online. was there a padlock in your address bar? this means the site is safe.

04-04-13, 12:46
tms11 Thank you so much for looking that up, the info is really valuable to confirm I've got the right Thomas!

Re the address bar on the FMP site; there was a padlock and an 's' for secure UNTIL I went to the pay page to put in my credit card details then the warning came up. (The first page is asking you how you want to pay). My security programme is McAfee thru BT broadband package and have found it very reliable and up to date so far. I informed FMP as the only thing I could think of, apart from a dodgy redirect, that might compromise the security, was the advert still running on the pay page. I will leave it for a while and have another go just to make sure McAfee is not behind on its updates. Thanks everyone.

04-04-13, 20:18
As long as it is a HPPS connection, you are ok

05-04-13, 05:16
Hi Corrine, Had another look at the records and there was also a John Thomas Morris. Bound date: 11 September 1848 at Woolwich. Possibly another family member? Regards, Ian

06-04-13, 14:30
Oh wow thanks Ian, this could be the one son of that family who I'm having trouble confirming. His three brothers were all watermen. Trouble is there are so many John Morris's it's easy to climb the wrong tree if you're not careful. I don't have a middle name for him so the John Thomas you found could be a good clue as Thomas is a common name in the family. My John Morris (brother of Thomas John) was born in 1825. I have penciled in the John Thomas you found for further investigation.

Thanks again. Corinne

07-04-13, 05:48
You're very welcome Corrine. The free credits I got from FMP were obtained through a member of FTF posting a message on this site, just goes to show it has it's rewards helping others out. Ian.