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27-03-13, 14:28
Hi everyone I have recently starting researching our family tree and have hit a brick wall. I don't know if anyone has any advice on researching family records for Thorndon in Suffolk. One of my ancestors appears to be Joseph Jay born 1702 died 1794. He married Judith Woods in 1730. This all took place in Thorndon as far as I can tell. I'm trying to find who Joseph's parents were. Joseph and Judith had a daughter Sarah born 1735 and son Robert born 1738 I don't know if anyone else has any information on this family? Loving the forum and all the information. Thanks again for any help. Emmie

27-03-13, 17:42
Funnily enough I have been looking at a Jay family from Suffolk, although I am not directly related.... long story.

I got back to a Samuel Jay of Cavendish Suffolk who married a Sarah Turner, daughter of innkeeper, in 1756. Then I did not feel confident with the records available online as there were Jays in various parts of Suffolk and Essex, so it is difficult to cross check information and easy to take a wrong route. However I did find that there was some mentions and information for Jay families in Suffolk when searching Google books.

Suffolk family history society appear to be a pretty active bunch and may be the next port of call if members of the forum cannot come up with anything else or a visit yourself to the Suffolk archive although in that era the information was quite scant. You appear to have the information available on Familysearch and Freereg does not appear to cover Thorndon parish
The branch I was looking at were a fascinating lot and not an Ag Lab amongst them.

27-03-13, 18:06
Hi Bubblebelle good luck with your search and thanks for the information. I'll keep looking. Good idea to search Google. Never know I might link up with your Cavendish trace one day. Thanks again. Emmie