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Loopy Linda in La La Land
21-03-13, 23:50
What would £6537.00 in 1898 be worth today?


22-03-13, 00:07

It only goes back to 1900, but that would be £661,217.55

22-03-13, 00:08
There isn't a single easy answer to that ...it depends on how you look at it. Earnings, prices and purchasing power have changed at different rates - one of the reasons why our standard of living (for most people) is much higher now than 100 years ago.

If you just measure inflation according to RPI, then £6,537 worth of goods in 1898 would cost about £568,000 (up to 2010). If you looked at it from an earnings point of view, then someone earning that amount in 1898 would now be earning about £2.3million.

You can play about with the figures here:


Loopy Linda in La La Land
22-03-13, 00:11
Thanks a lot, I suppose whatever way you look at it, it was quite a large amount of money


22-03-13, 00:36
Hi Linda,

The Bank of England has a good page for this, you can calculate amounts back to 1750: -


So according to the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street that would be worth £719,520.82 in 2012

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Loopy Linda in La La Land
22-03-13, 09:10
Cheers Paul..will bookmark that. This is the amount left in a will my a relative who was in the workhouse till he was 12 and trained as a tailor eventually on 1891 census employing 22 men. Must have taken a lot of hard work


22-03-13, 13:33
A third calculator shows how difficult it is to calculate and compare.
In 1900, £6,537 0s 0d would have the same spending worth of 2005's £373,001.22

But unlike TNA, at least AntonyM's suggested website discusses the various methods and problems. This other website links to several websites which cover this subject in the UK.