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20-03-13, 12:33

I'm struggling to find a date and place of birth of my 2x ggf from online sources and was wondering if anyone could suggest some sources that I have not found yet.

Working backwards I have Roberts death on 27 Mar 1882 is Listowel, Co.Kerry, Ireland. This is from his death certificate and gives his age as 55. This suggests a DOB of about 1827.

The 1851 Griffith's Valuation has him resident in Church Street, Listowel.

And that's it so far. Without details of his parents or a place of birth I cannot push this line back any further. Obviously the next step would be to go to Listowel and see if there are any local records but at this time that is not an options.

I have tried most of the major online sources, Ancestry, FindMyPast, irishgenealogy.ie, rootsireland.ie FamilySearch etc. Anyone able to suggest other sources or provide any leads

Many thanks


20-03-13, 12:40
When did he marry? I have found that coverage of marriages in Ireland is quite good and that would give his father.

20-03-13, 12:45
Uncertain about the date. Spouse was Mary Breen but I have no dates for her birth or death. There earliest confirmed child was Jeremiah Breen Tackaberry, b. 13 Feb 1853 Listowel. However, there may be a Catherine Tackaberry born earlier but I have no dates for her yet. This would perhaps suggest a marriage of about 1845 - 1850 ish

20-03-13, 13:01
Doesn't help with tracing, but did you discover he was adjudged a bankrupt in 1880?

20-03-13, 13:08
Oh wow. No that was unknown to me. What is your source;D

20-03-13, 13:11
Hmmm, seems that there isn't much online for Listowel, in fact Kerry in general is poorly represented, so you may have to go visit.

I have only had to research in Sligo and Roscommon and there is a lot of information available, partly due to a very active Family History Society.

20-03-13, 13:24
Oh wow. No that was unknown to me. What is your source;D
British Newspaper Archive. Second article. Not on clear on the preview but take it from me he is shown as adjudged bankrupt. If you're a member on Findmypast one of their membership packages gives you access to the same archive.

20-03-13, 13:41
Many thanks Phil. I'll look into that

20-03-13, 17:21
Do you have these other children?
there's also an Eliza Bridget Tackaberry, a Frances Mary and a Mary Frances , all with parents Robert Tackaberry and Mary Breen, all born Listowel.
Eliza Bridget born 29/3/1870 at https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/FPTK-7LB
Frances Mary born19/5/1872 at https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/FP1H-CH1
Mary Frances born 8/12/1865 at https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/FRQY-1LY
(Possibly this third one died before the birth of Frances Mary in 1872??

Also, do you know what religion they were? probably just one of those random coincidences but i was just doing some digging for my own tree and having only just seen your post, the Tackaberry name caught my eye on one of the pages I was looking at - but they were Wesleyan Methodists and it is from Cork in 1842. If of any possible interest, let me know and I'll post you the details. (It's not a name I've come across before so I m not sure how unusual it is but for for all I know there could be hordes of them in Cork and Kerry.)

20-03-13, 17:25
Apologies if you already have these but just found another one: Robert Charles, born 16/11/1867 at https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/F51L-T2Z

20-03-13, 19:58
HI Christine

Yes I have the details of these children and other thanks. The Mary Frances / Frances Mary naming is odd. Mary Frances possibly lived on until 1947, aged 80 in Listowel. Still need to confirm this. On the other hand Fances Mary seems to have been born and died in 1872.

I'd been interested in the Wesleyan Methodist connection. The branch of the Tackaberry's I am researching are definitly Catholic. However a Family story says the first Tackaberry in Listowel was a Protestant. This may have been Roberts father or possibly grandfather. It seems he married twice, first to a Protestant and then to a Catholic. I have some details of what I think is the Protestant line but as yet I have not been able to find this individual who married twice.

I don't think the name Tackaberry is very common is Kerry or Cork. There are a few Tackaberry's still in Kerry, some of who I am related to by the childrean of Robert Tackaberry. The name was more common in the Wexford area and around Dublin. I believe that the twice married Tackaberry came from one of these area's and this is part of the problem of pushing back this line. Who was he, where did he come from and when? And Why!

Maybe researching the Wesleyan connection might give me a clue.


20-03-13, 22:25
I've PMd you re the possible Wesleyan Methodist connection. His origins are in the Wexford area (b1796) and thereafter he would have moved around every two or three years as part of his ministry which lasted from 1822 until his death in 1847 in Co Sligo. There's lots of biographical/genealogical info on the link I've sent you so you may be able to rule him out or in reasonably quickly when you piece it together with the info you have re your branch.