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19-03-13, 15:18
So I now have the last census record needed for Robert Phillips and it's truly amazing how his occupations & locations changed.

1851- 6 years old in Great Stainton.
1861- 17 years old and a servant in Great Stainton.
1871- 26 years old and M. P. Constable in London. (2 children so far)
1881- 36 years old and a labourer in a shipyard in Stockton-on-tees (25 Major Street)
1891- 46 years old and a shipyard labourer (11 Neasham Street)
1901- 56 years old and a driller in a shipyard (14 Beaumont Street, Father-in-law)
1911- 66 years old and a bootmaker (Uncle)
1914- In a paupers grave with some of his grandchildren and what we think may be his father.

Has anyone else found something simillar?