View Full Version : Problem with Ancestry.

19-03-13, 14:54
Is anyone else having problems with Ancestry?
All of my hints have disappeared.

19-03-13, 15:35
Yes,I am also experiencing problems updating my tree & syncing with iPad app.Also seems very slow & generally flakey!!

19-03-13, 15:40
hmm. My tree has been dodgy for about 2 or 3 weeks now but at least its us-able.


Chrissie Smiff
19-03-13, 17:15
I wonder if they are busy making changes? I noticed this morning that any corrections that I have made don't show up with my name - it just says 'you made the correction'. I wonder if you can still see their name when other people have made the correction?

19-03-13, 17:40
I've just recieved an email from them thanking me for my corrections, it only mentions 2 and yet I've done more than that. They've never sent one of those before either.