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Janet in Yorkshire
17-03-13, 15:54
Using FMP, I have found Rachel M Boulton, aged 47 yrs, working in a pub in High Street, Swansea in 1891. Ref is piece 4480, folio 1, page 1. Unfortunately, I can't decipher the name of the pub and the schedule numbers for that page are not visible. I've tried an address search for High St, but each pub I clicked on didn't bring up the one I wanted, for which head of house and hotel proprietor was John Paradise. Perhaps it's not listed as the schedule number is not on the image??? I tried a search on Ancestry, inputting Rachel's details, then John Paradise, then the census ref number - but I didn't get anywhere with any of them :question: In an 1887 directory, John Paradise was listed at Cameron Arms Hotel, High Street, Swansea. So, please can anyone with FMP see if they can work out the pub name on the 1891 image, or find them on Ancestry? (Sorry about the spacing, but ever since my computer did an update, a day or so ago, for some reason the return key doesn't want to work on this site ???????? and so I can't start new lines or paragraphs. )

17-03-13, 17:51
I think it says:

High St
Cameron Hotel

John Worsely Paradise is still listed there (as the Cameron Arms) in the Kelly's Directory in 1895.

It does appear that Ancestry are missing the first few pages from that Enumeration District .... their "Image 1" is actually page 9 of the ED.

17-03-13, 18:16
I agree with Antony. The hotel is called the Cameron Hotel in 1911 (do an address search on High St). Unfortunately the hotel name is not given in 1881 or 1901.

Janet in Yorkshire
17-03-13, 18:42
Many thanks Antony and Webwiz Jay