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17-03-13, 15:13
Hi is anyone willing to do 1 Roots Ireland search for me please?
I found a marraige of Patrick Lennon to Mary Larkin in the year 1840, County Armagh. I'm hoping that it has the name of Patrick's parents on it as I'm having no luck with the birth.

I hope the link works.
Cheers to whoever helps..

17-03-13, 15:41
No, the link didn't work for me.

Do you have a login? I think they're giving out 100 free index pages during March. it's 25 credits to look at details, however. I think that works out to be E5!

17-03-13, 15:44
There's the free search but to actually view it is 25 credits. I couldn't figure out how to add the credits which is why I wondered if anyone would be willing to take a look for me.

17-03-13, 20:06
A note of caution. RC marriage records in Ireland for the mid 1800s rarely have parents names. All you normally get are the couples names and the two witnesses.

17-03-13, 20:28
Oh well. I guess the Lennon's shall be finishing at Patrick for now then.