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Linda from Murton
16-03-13, 16:17
I have Francis Raymond born at Great Torrington, Devon in 1795. He died during the March quarter of 1874 District of Tavistock. I have established that he was married to a Mary Ann ???? (1794-1871).

I have their first child as being Nicholas Raymond who was born 4 June 1820 at MaryTavy, Nr. Whitchurch in Devon.

The 1861 Census shows Francis aged 66 living with Mary aged 67 at Tavistock. Also living with them is a William Williams aged 49 and he is shown to have been born at Tavistock and is listed as Francis' Step Son.

Can anyone please discover when and where Francis and Mary Ann were married. The name of Francis' father would be a bonus as would any information about William Williams.

I have been going round in circles on this one for about ten years. Your help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

16-03-13, 20:45
I found a link for Great Torrington and wondered about

RAYMONT Margaret Nicholas Mary labourer Sep 13, 1794
EMMETT / RAYMENT Francis Nicholas Margery labourer Jan 13, 1797
RAYMOND John Nicholas Margery labourer Apr 17, 1799

found all these links


England, Marriages, 1538–1973
Name: Nicholas Rayment
Spouse's Name: Margery Stacey
Event Date: 25 Feb 1793
Event Place: Merton,Devon,England
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M05142-1
System Origin: England-ODM
GS Film number: 916859

1841 Census
REYMOUNT, Nicholas
TAVISTOCK, Devonshire
HO107 piece 232 folio 3 page 1

1841 Census
RAYMER, Francis
TAVISTOCK, Devonshire
HO107 piece 241 folio 11 page 16

16-03-13, 22:09
Found on a tree and details for Francis 1861 to match

1793 25 Feb Age: 25
Merton, Devon, England
Groom of Great Torrington Parish

Linda from Murton
17-03-13, 11:05
Good Morning Elaine - thank you so much for this information and links. I think Nicholas and Margery are Francis parents, I just have to prove the link.

Edit - WOW Elaine those links to Great Torrington were outstanding. I have been able to prove the link between Francis and Nicholas. Thank you so much. Now just got to find Francis marriage to Mary Ann.

18-03-13, 21:33
Gives you a few spellings for the name :)

Heather Positive Thinker
18-03-13, 23:20
Did they have any kids after 1837 so that you can buy the cert for mums name?

Linda from Murton
19-03-13, 11:03
Hello Heather - thank you for responding.

Unfortunately their youngest child was born in December 1835. I have found 7 children none of whom have a middle name which might have helped. They were all born at Whitchurch. The eldest Nicholas was born at Mary Tavy near Whitchurch in 1820. I have a note from 2005 where I've said that Francis and Mary Ann were not married at Whitchurch. Not sure where I got that information from.

Sylvia C
19-03-13, 22:36
Note .......... 3 or 4 trees on ancestry have a son born in 1840 .......

..... so there should be a birth registration for this one IF the trees are accurate, and not just all copied one from the other

for example ...................


Tree owner:- DeborahDyke19

Linda from Murton
19-03-13, 23:23
Thank you for responding Sylvia.

I see from the trees I looked at they don't show any brothers or sisters. I have found Frances and Mary on the 1841 Census and it shows their four youngest children but no sign of a Thomas. Wonder why the trees don't show brothers and sisters. Shall have a search to see if I can find any reference to his birth on the GRO. Will come back if I find anything. Thank you again.

PS I had a look at the Clark Harris family tree which is owned by someone in Australia. He gives details of some of Francis and Mary Ann's other children. I have found a GRO reference for a Thomas Raymon born during the September quarter of 1839 at Tavistock. I have sent a message to the owner of the Clark Harris tree and hopefully will be able to gleen further info. Fingers crossed.

Sylvia C
21-03-13, 05:41
Linda .............

the tree that I gave the link to, Deborah Dyke's, has the following children for Francis and Mary

Nicholas RAYMOND 1819 –
Richard Rich RAYMOND 1824 – 1871
Francis Raymond 1825 – 1900
Mary RAYMOND 1827 –
Isaac RAYMOND 1830 –
Cullam Raymond 1833 –
John RAYMOND 1835 –
Thomas Raymond 1840 –

do they fit with what you have, apart from Thomas?????


Linda from Murton
22-03-13, 09:29
Hello Sylvia, these names fit exactly with my tree, except for Thomas (my tree is not on Ancestry, I don't publish it on the web). A while ago, however, I gave details of my tree to a relative and I think they uploaded it to Ancestry because I've seen many details on other trees which have been copied. Even as far as photographs.

I have sent for a copy of Thomas' birth certificate. It will be interesting to see who the parents are. If he is the son of Francis and Mary at least I should be able to find out what Mary's maiden name was.

Thank you for responding. I shall keep everyone posted.

22-03-13, 11:49
Hi Linda

It may be worth contacting Yvonne Holliday (EDIT: please PM Dermot for the email address) who is the Online Parish Clerk representative for Mary Tavy (http://genuki.cs.ncl.ac.uk/DEV/OPCproject.html) . If they married in Mary Tavy parish Yvonne may well have access to the records. Whitchurch does not seem to have a representative presently.


EDIT: Sorry... only just spotted this... our T&Cs don't allow email addresses on the open forum - even though they may be published elsewhere. Christine in Herts

Linda from Murton
23-03-13, 11:46
Thank you for that suggestion dermotdjt. I shall certainly contact Yvonne. Francis and Mary's eldest child was born at Mary Tavy so it may well be that they married there. Fingers crossed.

Linda from Murton
29-03-13, 10:57
Good morning everyone from a snowy Co. Durham.

dermotdjt - no response yet from Yvonne - expect she is worked off her feet.

Don't you get excited when the postman bring that buff coloured envelope which you just know contains a birth certificate. Savoured the moment then read the details. Thomas Raymon was born on the 31 August 1839 at Torr in Whitchurch, Devon. His parents were Nicholas Reymon and Jane Reymon (nee Piercy). So rather than Francis Raymond and Mary Ann's youngest child he is the eldest child of Francis and Mary's eldest son Nicholas.

So back to the drawing board - still dont know when Francis Raymond (1795-1874) and Mary Ann (1794-1871) were married nor Mary Ann's maiden name.

Got to say thank you everyone for responding and trying to help with my query.

Sylvia C
31-03-13, 00:08
sorry about that, Linda! :(:(

It always a guess when looking at an ancestry tree whether they are correct or incorrect!

It's becoming so that incorrect is more common than correct!

Linda from Murton
31-03-13, 10:28
No problem Sylvia - at least I have found another child for Nicholas and Jane. Looking at some of the other trees on Ancestry, there really is a lot of misinformation out there. I've given up making comments to advise people about correcting their errors.

Have a nice Easter everyone. :o