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16-03-13, 15:40
Hi to all of you who made helpful suggestions with finding information on my maternal grandfather named above.

Vallee, I requested the Death Cert. which you and I had come across in the Index, so thanks for that pointer. The D C arrived only yesterday!

Everything seems to point to it being the right William - age 46, living in Kirkdale, the Registration District of West Derby.

As I believe I had said before, my mother was told as a child that he died from a fall down a dry dock, and he was shown as a Driller in a Shipyard on some of the records I have found.
However, the D.C. shows: Pronounced dead at Stanley Hospital (which is on Stanley Road, Bootle, and not far from the docks);
Cause of death: Vascular Disease of the Heart, Natural Causes - following a P.M.
The next day an Inquest was held, and the death registered the day after that.

I wonder, could he have had a heart attack whilst at work, which is why there was an inquest, and therefore, no 'informant', apart from the Liverpool Coroner? This could maybe explain the reason why my mother was told that he had died at work?

His occupation on the D C is given as Boiler Maker, and on his Marriage Certificate in 1903 he worked as a labourer in a foundry before moving to the shipyards, so I'm hoping that, although a tenuous connection, I have now found the right man!

William's given home address is a new one to me, so maybe I can try to find out if there are any records of who else lived there in 1923?

Thanks to everyone for your patience.


16-03-13, 16:40
The local library may have the electoral register for 1923 and surrounding years. They may be kind enough to help by email.


16-03-13, 16:46
Thanks for that suggestion Margaret.

As I live in France, I have now joined the Overseas section of the Liverpool Family History Society (late last night to be exact!), and maybe I can ask someone from there to do a look-up for me, or at least give me the contact details of a local library.


16-03-13, 17:17

Anglebar thats the link for the Central Library in Liverpool. Its closed at the moment its being done up. Its where I used to go for the BDM microfiche.

16-03-13, 17:57
Thanks Lainey, I'll make a note of that.


Val wish Id never started
16-03-13, 20:35
glad you got the right cert, I think an inquest was held when somebody had died suddenly and wasn't under a doctor for the illnes at the time ? but could be wrong.

16-03-13, 23:06
Yes, Val, I think you are right, and the fact that he was 'pronounced dead' in a hospital not too far away from the Dock area, makes me wonder if it happened at work.