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Punchs mum
16-03-13, 09:45
Anyone able to access marriage records? Am trying to find the marriage cert. of James King to Sophia Clay in 1826 Besselsleigh, Berks.

I think she died in 1845 and he re married shortly afterwards to an Elizabeth Oakley or Elizabeth Ritchings in Dec.1846.

Any help appreciated as I have been stuck at James King forever(or it seems like it!)


Elizabeth Herts
16-03-13, 10:21
Lesley, there won't be a marriage certificate in 1826, just an entry in the parish register.
If they married by licence there would have been paperwork too.

Elizabeth Herts
16-03-13, 10:24
It seems they have been transcribed:


You could try contacting Berkshire Family History Society.

Punchs mum
16-03-13, 10:36
Thanks for that information Elizabeth! I should know that there wasn't a certificate! I just assume that you all know what I meant ie Parish Record!!! I look at enough of them locally!

Will look at that site later when I have more time.

Thanks again Lesley.

Elizabeth Herts
16-03-13, 10:51
Oh, Lesley, I have just made the connection of who is posting this! Of course, you have your nose in parish registers a lot of the time!

I seem to remember that there are CDs for Berkshire, but don' know the details.

16-03-13, 15:15
But someone on FTF has them - if you just need the info, you might try posting in the Research Advice section - that might be spotted sooner.