View Full Version : Are there any sites to search for a Canadian death about 1980 ?

Val wish Id never started
15-03-13, 23:50
I have this man and his wife on the Canadian Voters lists up till 1972 living in Scarborough Ontario ,then he is alone in 1974 so presume she had died by then.
Is there any way to find out when they died ? and if possible to get their wills ? thanks

16-03-13, 00:59
Hi Val,

Go to google.ca and put in their names and scarborough, ontario and see if anything pops up.You could try googling their address - that night give you some information.

I haven't had any experience in more recent Ontario deaths, but I sure you would have to know date of death before trying to order a will. BDM records over here are lnown as Vital Statistics !!

My other thought is seeing if there a branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society in Scarborough. Perhaps they have indexes or obituaries that they coud consult ?


Val wish Id never started
16-03-13, 01:14
Thanks Bcbrit I couldn't believe it last night was just browsing through newspaper records as I was so bored and up popped their marriage, so I had another look on Ancestry and found them quite easily, but really am determined to find at least his death.
He was a Chemist and his wife was a Nurse and I believe they worked at the Scarborough Hospital, so might even write to them too.

16-03-13, 07:25
Have you tried OCFA, and the other Canadian grave site? The Ontario gen soc is very active. They also have many books that are transcriptions of bmd events in local papers.

Scarborough has a Historical Society, which publishes & has a website. Of course, some Hist Soc's don't really want to deal with genealogy - but some do!

Hmmm, were they Presbyterians? - made available by the Toronto branch of Ontario Gen Soc

Looks like there's lot of cemetery indexing. I think they'll be indexed on OCFA, then you use the reference on OCFA to know which book to go to.
https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/results#count=20&query=%2Bplace%3A%22Ontario,%20York,%20Scarborough %22&subjectsOpen=728038-50,426885-50

Happy hunting!

Val wish Id never started
16-03-13, 13:39
thanks very much for all those links Photo looks like a busy day.