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15-03-13, 13:33
Can anyone "translate" this please? I can't work out what the dates mean - other than the first death date. Sorry it's a bit small.

This is what I have got so far:

He died 29 January(?) 47 ........ (1438, 9) and John Scot is his son ..... next, on the day of 1(?) March .......... last (i.e 1440 25 April) aged two years.

I can't make sense of that!

15-03-13, 14:14
He died 29 Jan? 17 Huec..?? (1438, 9) and John Scot is his son ..... next, on ye day of 1(?) March evang. last (i.e 1440 25 April) aged two years

I did think that Huec and Evang.. were possibly Eucharist & Evangelist.. but that doesn't make sense to me either!!

15-03-13, 14:23
Could it say he died ? March to Aug ( ie 1440 25th April ) implying they were not sure of the date he died - but they know he died between March 1st and August .....??

15-03-13, 14:28
Could be, but I don't get why they have put two years in brackets (they've done the same further down the document too). They must have known what year he died. This obviously is a transcription from the Latin.

15-03-13, 14:34
Now I know I've misread the first bit -
"He dies 29 January 17 H.... C (1438,9)

Later it has the date:
5 Feb 18 H.C. (1439-40)

I have no idea what H.C. means and Google isn't helping.

15-03-13, 14:42
Aaah! Henry VI was King - 17 years after he was born is 1438 ...........!!

That's that bit sorted then, lol!

15-03-13, 15:29
The 2 years in brackets indicate the difference between Old Style/New Style dating. Before 1752 in England (1600 in Scotland) the year changed on the 25th March , Lady Day, not on the 1st January.

Any date between 1st Jan and 25th March before the year 1752 is often written in the double year form to make you aware of the possible confusion.

As an example - I did some research recently and found a man who was recorded as being buried on the 4th June 1742, yet his will was taken to probate on the 22nd January 1742. At first glance that should be impossible - but when you take account of the year change being in March the date of probate is actually 6 months after he was buried.

15-03-13, 15:49
Course! I'd forgotten that. Thanks Antony

15-03-13, 17:39
Looks like you've got it all sorted other than "on ye day of S Mark Evang" ie on the feast day of Saint Mark the Evangelist. The Latin and Greek Churches celebrate his feast on 25 April.

16-03-13, 08:07
Brilliant! Thank you Christine