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14-03-13, 14:45
Having been on a fascinating trip around the Jay family, I am back to my original lady and her mother.
Would some kind soul take a read and see if I am missing something or have any ideas or opinions.

Margaret Catling born 1911 was the daughter of Sidney Catling and Cecilia Clarissa nee Jay born 1883 in Clapham.
I knew Margaret (Peggy) as Margaret Cecille, she died in 1994 under this name, sending for her death and birth certificate proved that although the surnames differed she was the same person. I also knew that both my Grandad and Peggy changed their names by deedpoll, although I have been unable to find any evidence in the London Gazette. My own Grandfathers death is registered in the new name too.

Back to her mother Cecilia, I have found her with her husband Sidney b. abt 1882, in the 1911 census, living in Wembley, he is a Land Surveyor and Estate Agent.

Margaret was born in 1911 and her sister Joan in 1913.

In 1918 I have found Clarissa and Sidney living together in Harrow (electoral roll) but by 1926 she is living with her parents in the same house and in 1927 she is on her own. Then I can’t find anything until her death in 1967.

However I found Margaret Cecille and a Cecilia Cynthia Cecille living together in the 1930’s in Harrow. Margaret met my Grandfather in wartime and they lived together from then.

I am wondering if it is possible that Cecilia Cynthia Cecille and Cecilia Clarissa Catling is the same person. I cannot find any other records for a Cecilia Cynthia Cecille. I would be happier to accept this if the middle name had not been changes.

PS The Cecilia C Jay on the electoral rolls with Walter maiden name was Wooley.

Janet in Yorkshire
14-03-13, 17:40
I can't see a birth, mar or death ref for Cecilia Cecille; there was a 1967 Winchester death reg for Cecilia C Catling aged 83.


14-03-13, 17:52
Thanks Jay, I couldn't either nor any other mentions and as her daughter changed her own name, this is why I wonder if they are the same person.

16-03-13, 22:44
There is a C C Cecille in the phone books, thought it might be worth having a look at the addresses

17-03-13, 19:39
Thanks Elaine, will go and have a check now.

The Greenford Rd one is her, but the milliner in Regent St is new. Thank you