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12-03-13, 17:12
One set of 5x great grandparents died on the same day in 1804, in the Netherlands. According to the registers they died of "catarrh fever" (Zinking koorts in Dutch). Googling it only seems to bring up a disease in cattle or goats. Can anyone think of what it might be in English?


12-03-13, 17:15

Elaine ..Spain
12-03-13, 17:53
An extract taken from a book on Internet Archives

In my 17th year I was attacked by " Zinking koorts," a disease
which, according to the dictionary, is " catarrhal fever," but the
popular translation of which is, I believe, " Rheumatic fever."
This fever was very common among the youth of those days, it
generally attacked them between the ages of 16 and 20, and was in
very many cases fatal. One of the characteristics of the malady
was that in those who recovered it often reappeared after twelve
months. In my case it was so severe that at one stage it looked
as if my biography would never be written. It is an unexplained
mystery that this " Zinking koorts " is now never heard of, and
that instead of it Typhoid and Enteric fever have become endemic
diseases, though they were unknown here fifty, or even forty years
ago. This phenomenon has to my knowledge attracted no attention
hitherto. Will not one of our medical experts attempt the solution
of this problem, which would supply material for a highly interesting
treatise? The disappearance of the one and the appearance of the
other is certainly remarkable.

12-03-13, 17:57
Thank you Elaine, that's wonderful! Although my lot were in their 60's when they died of it - I knew some time ago they had died on the same date and have been wondering for ages what they died of.

Elaine ..Spain
12-03-13, 18:12
Not something I've come across before!
How sad for them to have both died on the same day.

12-03-13, 18:20
Strangely enough I have another pair of 5x Great Grandparents who died on the same day, but these were on my mothers side, and they died in Somerset in 1803 from Scarlet fever. It does say that Rheumatic fever can develop from Scarlet fever, so I wonder if this was the original cause.