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12-03-13, 14:20
Hope this post is ok, new here. I'm having trouble tracing my grandmothers family. She was Joyce Clatworthy, married Walter Henry Currie and lived in Abercynon. We had relatives in Porthcawl, I knew as Uncle Tom and Aunt Winnie also a lady I knew as Aunt Nan. We visited them during 70s-80s. I believe Tom and Nan (Nancy or Anne maybe) were my nans brother and sister and I also believe they came from Devon.
I drew a blank trying to trace a couple of years ago, I dont have access to records at the moment but will soon. Just wondered if anyone here can help point me in the right direction. Thank you.

12-03-13, 15:01
I am just off out, but just wanted to say that Clatworthy is a local (N Devon) name. It wasn't unusual for people from the area to migrate to Wales. There were regular paddle steamers from Ilfracombe to Swansea until fairly recent years.
I am sure others will help you before I come back, but I'll check back later.

12-03-13, 18:27
Welcome to FTF!
from FreeBMD, two births in Devon for Joyce Clatworthy:
Clatworthy Joyce Crediton 5b 355: Births Mar 1909
Clatworthy Joyce * ***** ------- Dec 1932
Probably not the latter, as this appears to be her marriage:
CLATWORTHY Joyce * ------ Sep 1931
This seems to be your marriage:
Clatworthy Joyce Currie Pontypridd 11a 912: Marriages Mar 1929

Hmm, but she didn't marry in Devon - do you know where she was born/where the family came from? There are other Joyce Clatworthys born in other counties.

Do you have any more info about the family?

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12-03-13, 18:36
Okay so I won't do the work for you but show how to get started as part of the fun of genealogy is finding the information yourself.

Firstly you know the marriage names so usind www.freeBMD.org, a free search engine, so you can ise this now, putting the surnames in the relevent surnames.

Result = Joyce Clatworthy m Henry W Currie Mar 1929 Pontypridd Vol 11a Page 912

You will need all this info if you wish to order the original certificate, remember to order from the GRO as some services charge more than £9.25


From this info and your own I guessed a birthdate of 1900 to 1910, so looked for a birth of Joyce Clatworthy in the same way but several possibles came up, so then I looked for a death of a Joyce Currie. Sadly there were no results for her on the free site so went to my subscription site.

This came up with Joyce Currie dying in Merthyr Tydfil in 1983 with a birth date of 4 Dec 1908.

So again looked for birth on FreeBMD searching 1908-1909

Joyce Clatworthy born Crediton Mar 1909 Vol 5b Page 355

Your next step then would be to look for her on 1911 census ( a quick glance hasn't bought anything up) or to be truly sure of your facts to send for the birth certificate to find her parents name.
A marriage cert will give a fathers name only.

Anyway if the date details fit to what you know you are started on your way. It is a case of repeating the process for each member of the family you know of and then piece the jigsaw together.

Hope this helps.

PS if you look within this sites reference section you will find a list of free search sites, such as the above freeBMD and www.familysearch.org, that are useful even when you have a subscription to Ancestry or findmypast.

12-03-13, 18:53
There is a Thomas Jack Clatworthy b 1905 Crediton too.

Still having problems locating in 1911 census

12-03-13, 21:26
a beautiful bit of advice there Mandy, maybe add in the url for the GRO? [that way they won't get ripped off by 'other' sites for their certs] :smilee:

12-03-13, 21:45
https://www.familysearch.org/search/record/results#count=20&query=%2Bsurname%3Aclatworthy~%20%2Bbirth_place%3A %22crediton%20devon%22~&collection_id=1473014

This is a list of baptisms for the name Clatworthy of Crediton Devon, you may need to look them up at a later date when you know who you are looking for found on Familysearch.


12-03-13, 22:23
GRO address added Julie :)

PS there is a Clatworthy marriage in Crediton at an appropriate time but I will let you find that currie, although that does not automatically mean they are the right parents.

Chrissie Smiff
12-03-13, 22:34
Welcome to FTF :)
There seems to be confusion about the name Currie/Curry I think, so I am posting this here for you to come back to when you can view it. Once you go further back I think you will need to search under Curry.

Henry Walter Currie (born 5th March 1905) died Oct-Dec 1974 aged 69 in Pontypridd Glamorganshire ref Vol 27 Page 1003.

This looks to be him aged 6 with his parents (David John Currie and Hannah Louisa) and siblings in 1911. -

http://interactive.ancestry.co.uk/2353/RG14_32273_0285_06/2246838?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.co.uk %2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3findiv%3d1%26rank%3d1%26gsfn%3dHenr y%2bW%26gsln%3dCurrie%26rg_81004011__date%3d1905%2 6rs_81004011__date%3d1%26prox%3d1%26db%3d1911wales %26ti%3d5538%26ti.si%3d0%26gss%3dangs-d%26pcat%3d1911UKI%26fh%3d0%26h%3d2246838&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnRecord

The 1911 census says that his parents have been married 7 years but when I looked for the marriage I couldn't find it. So I looked in Wales for the father David John Currie in 1901 and I believe this is him with his parents and siblings. It clearly gives their names as Currie but a member of Ancestry has corrected it to Curry. Then I found a marriage which looks like Walter Henry's parents and it is listed as David John Curry to Hannah Louisa Rees - July-Sept 1901 in Pontypridd ref 11a 920.


As I said, I know that you can't view all these but you may be able to later.

12-03-13, 23:34
There are many resources out there, some you pay for, some you don't.

Sunny Rosy offers Exeter RO lookups - you might ask her to look up the Crediton marriage next time she's there (in the Research Offers section). The Parish Register will have the same info as the cert, so that might save you a little bit.

I think Ancestry still offers two weeks free use when you first sign up. You must give them a credit card when you do sign up; if you cancel before that two weeks is up, you won't be charged. The trick is to remember to cancel!

www.familysearch.org is free to use. They've indexed many records, but don't always have the record to view online.

Good luck!

13-03-13, 08:38
Thank you all very much for the responses. I've been in contact with a very nice lady on ancestry, distant relative on currie/y side. She's given me my gramps tree back to James Curry of Benbecula. There was a spelling change to do with an inheritance, that caused all spelling confusion.

She very kindly has also looked into my nan and it now looks very likely that the family were from Crediton, don't have all the details right now but yes Joyce 1909 and Thomas 1905, also have other siblings and parents names.

I've just purchased ancestry world edition so will start searching myself once I set up my subscription, I'm itching to get started. I will jot down all the names she found for me and post them here later. I will also have a proper read through your replies when I've got a bit more peace (noisy kids and dogs).

Thank you all again, really didn't expect so many replies so quickly:)

13-03-13, 18:36
This is part of what that Very generous lady on Ancestry has found for me.
Joyce Clatworthy 1908, Thomas Jack 1905, Violet Lily (love that name) 1904, Nellie 1902 all siblings. Parents Lily Hunt and Thomas Clatworthy. She's also got marriages and children of the siblings. Its all looking promising and my dads sister was Violet, so maybe named after her Aunt.
I didnt realise there were any free sites you could look at.

Thanks for all the advice and links, can't look at the ancestry ones yet but looking forward to seeing what you found re: my gramp s:)

Prairie Chicken
13-03-13, 22:11
You can enter names and whatever info you have onto Ancestry without a subscription, or before the subscription comes into effect (although if you paid by credit card I'd think it would be instant). This can be a good idea if you have a fair bit of solid data to enter. Alternatively, you don't want to enter data that you are not really, really sure of. The Ancestry sub gives you access to their database and all their helpful 'shaking leaves', but having a tree on their site is free.


14-03-13, 03:27
You can look at trees on ancestry for free via www.mundia.com

14-03-13, 09:35
I have a tree on ancestry, had it a couple of years. I have access to the ladies tree i mentioned and have been trying to copy across some info I didn't have before. But I've noticed now that I have two or more of some people and I've not a clue what I've done or how to sort it. Think I may start a new tree from scratch.