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12-03-13, 13:04
So as you know I've ordered an 1895 map of Stockton, Middlesbrough & Darlington and so I was going back through my Census records for the streets and guess what?
In the 1901 census I found the following:
Emily Thomas lived at 5 Beaumont Street with her parents
George Phillips lived at 14 Beaumont Street with his twin, father & sisters family.

Emily & George married in 1903 and had 11 children, my Granddad Albi being one of them.


12-03-13, 13:17
I always make a point of looking at 3 or 4 pages back and forward from the target on the census. I have found that extended families often live very near each other (I have ancestors in 9 out of 15 houses on one street in the East End of London in 1861), and people tended to marry very close to home.

I have traced some very difficult individuals that way, having been horribly mistranscribed.

12-03-13, 13:26
Pete I only buy the every odd tokens as I call them.

12-03-13, 16:24
There's another one.. I've just found the 1891 census of Alice Phillips with her husband and there's a lodger living with them. That lodger became her cousins husband. The connection living in the above address with George :D

12-03-13, 19:31
Really pleased you've had this success, lennon

12-03-13, 19:33
Cheers Grey. I'm loving it :D