View Full Version : Could I finally have found him.....I am so excited.

12-03-13, 10:48
My great great grandfather John Brown was sent out here to Tasmania as a convict.

While he was on the trip here his wife died shortly after their son John was born......John Brown (junior) was born abt 1847 Milton Under Wynchwood Oxfordshire.....and married Eliza Cook

John Brown (junior) was brought up by his mothers family.....Joseph and Mary Ireland in Oxfordshire.

John Brown (junior) is on the census in Oxfordshire until 1881.........then nothing.

I have been looking for him for 5 years.

Tonight I decided to look under immigration to see if they left England.

And I have found this...........could he have come to Tasmania and been reunited with a father he had never met.................I hope so.


Chrissie Smiff
12-03-13, 10:55
Brilliant new Flashie:) Having looked at the 1881 census, which I assume is the one below I would say YES. Everything fits including ages, places of birth and his occupation. Well done:)


12-03-13, 10:58
Yes that is them in 1881

The timing is all right.

The family he grew up with migrated to New Zealand.

Is there anyway I could know for sure.

John Brown (senior) has no head stone....nor death notices .

12-03-13, 11:13
Just today, (On Dick Eastman's newsletter: http://blog.eogn.com/eastmans_online_genealogy/2013/03/familysearch-adds-to-collections-from-australia-china-england-italy-and-the-united-states.html), I saw that NZ Immigration records are on familysearch.org:

https://familysearch.org/search/record/results#count=20&query=%2Bgivenname%3Ajohn~%20%2Bsurname%3Abrown~&collection_id=1609792 .... worth a look???

12-03-13, 12:53
Does a little happy dance.

100% sure it is him.

He died in 1929 and his will is online.

He mentions by name his wife's family back in England to whom he left money.

Chrissie Smiff
12-03-13, 13:08
Wonderful Flashie:) So pleased for you:)

Val wish Id never started
12-03-13, 19:09
isnt it wonderful when that happens ? I celebrated for days after finding my Great Grandmothers death at last, so pleased for you.:good:

Christine in Herts
12-03-13, 19:37
That's so pleasing - when you work on a hunch and everything clicks into place! Congratulations!


12-03-13, 21:21
:good: :good: fab news Flashie!! :smilee:

12-03-13, 21:30
great news, when you just try a hunch thats a little bit left field, and you strike gold.....a fantantic feeling that makes you feel somehow a bit more complete :good:

Tilly Mint
12-03-13, 21:36
Great result, Flashie, your on a roll now...Well Done !