View Full Version : Well....you NEVER know

Loopy Linda in La La Land
12-03-13, 10:04
Just had an email from a cousin who was helping to clear out the flat of an elderly Aunt who had died. He has sent me, via Dropbox, all the papers and press cuttings that he found.

One regarding our Granddad's brother was a big surprise. He died in West Africa in 1944, while a captain in the Army. We 'assumed' that he was killed in battle but the press cutting we have now read says that a group of officers were swimming in a river. Everyone got out except for him and when they looked back his body was floating and he had drowned.

Just goes to show NEVER assume anything.

Loads more treasures as well..too numerous to mention. We are so lucky to have them


Christine in Herts
12-03-13, 19:41
Wow! How lovely for you! We got a lot of family history "gold" when clearing the house when my lovely MiL had to go into residential care.