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11-03-13, 17:37
What do posters think is the best list of subscriptions to sites to take out ? (or just one, if you think that's OK)

Elaine ..Spain
11-03-13, 17:47
Depends what and where you want to research!
Is your research centred around a particular county or counties - and I am talking about England and Wales!

11-03-13, 17:47
I have a sub to Ancestry as they have by far the most records, alhough their transcriptions are not as accurate as some. They also allow monthly payment which makes it more affordable for me.

I then buy pay per view credits for Find My Past and Scotlands People as and when I need them.

Elaine ..Spain
11-03-13, 17:51
They might have more records Pete, but do they have the ones you want. :D

Just as an example, I think it would be very wrong to recommend Ancestry to someone who is researching Wales. Findmypast have a huge collection of Welsh parish registers which must be an enormous help if you have ancestors from those parts.

Personally, I think it's really a matter of finding out what each site has to offer and then deciding which is best for you.

11-03-13, 18:30
I have an Ancestry sub and have done for years.. it covers what I need, though in recent times I have 'dabbled' with Scotlands people & FMP.. I have also used the non-conformists site for other bits.. am now considering whether I need a sub for this site, though I am not sure at the moment whether I can justify two subs!..

11-03-13, 18:46
It now looks like some ancestors spent periods of time in Scotland, with BMDs happening there. Any recommendations other than Scotlandspeople?

As Scottish research will be new ground for me, (when I get round to it!), could anyone give a rough idea of costs for credits on Scotlandspeople?

11-03-13, 20:11
It now looks like some ancestors spent periods of time in Scotland, with BMDs happening there. Any recommendations other than Scotlandspeople?

As Scottish research will be new ground for me, (when I get round to it!), could anyone give a rough idea of costs for credits on Scotlandspeople?

Scotlands People - £7 for 30 credits. 1 credit to view a 25 person index page and 5 credits then to view the cert. Births and deaths have 3 certs per page and marriages 2.
Great value - and if you are researching a very rural area then there may be more than one on the page which is yours. At the moment on my desk I have 2 certs with 6 cousins on them who are all mine.

Most censuses are the same price - 1 credit for the index, 5 for the actual image.

Wills have free idexes and 10 credits to view.

11-03-13, 21:35
As others have said both Ancestry and FMP offer different things, so it all depends where you are researching. I like FMP for the Newspaper collection and FMP.ie, both only available on the Worldwide FMP sub. I also use the Army services records pre 1914 and prefer FMP for BMD and Census over Ancestry. FMP have better parish records for the UK and are very good for Northants. However, I also have the Worldwide sub for Ancestry as I use their army records post 1914 and have used American Census extensively as well as Australian records and I have ancestors who lived in the Middlesex area so London LMA on Ancestry is a must for me. Maybe one day I can just have one sub for FMP but not just yet!

Sadly I also need to use Scotlands People, but have yet to figure out a reasonably cheap way of browsing Scotland 1911 Census, having as my only clue a photograph of two men in First W War army uniform with Scottish berets, father and son?? and 4 children with ages ranging from 14 down to 7 with "Christian" names and ages of the children on the back of the photograph, but no "Surname" to help me identify who they might be! Why oh why do our ancestors do this???:(:( I am sure I could crack it if I could browse, but the cost might be a bit high at present. I am hoping FMP will get the Scottish 1911 at some point soon!


11-03-13, 23:11
If you want to 'try' FMP to see what they have
I still have 200 credits and they expire the end of this month

12-03-13, 05:17
don't forget sites such as familysearch and freereg either. familysearch has most of wales indexed, courtesy of fmp, but if you want the images, you need to go to fmp. so a good idea to see if free sites have what you want.

last i checked, freecen had indexed most of the 1841 census, and was starting on 1851. but that was years ago, so coverage should have improved by now.

i agree fmp is better for census and bmd's, as ancestry mangles them. but there are times when you can't find it on either site, because the handwriting is atrocious.

fmp has the newspapers, and criminal records. they also have records from the record offices for wales, cheshire, kent and manchester to name a few. not to mention they are working with various yorkshire archives to make available parish registers and other records. they have military records from 1760-1914.

ancestry has west yorkshire, london, dorset and other parish records. WWI service records.

in terms of census coverage, they are the same.

12-03-13, 08:53
The "On Line Parish Clerks" (OPC) Sites provide free transcriptions of BMDs but not yet completed. Problem is that not all Counties are covered.

12-03-13, 10:14
If you want to 'try' FMP to see what they have
I still have 200 credits and they expire the end of this month

That's very, very, kind of you Trevor....but I wouldn't want to take advantage (if I get round to doing stuff this month, I might use some, but only if you let me pay you) I do know FMP. Just with being in Germany &, having realised I didn't know anything about the Genealogist, I wondered what else was available. At the moment, apart from the families that were German or Jewish immigrants, I only have families in England, but they spread down from Lancashire to Somerset. (& lots of points inbetween, of course) If you've come to a brick wall with a family in a certain county (as I have in Northants), are there any "local sites" that are worth paying for ?

Thanks for all your tips

Janet in Yorkshire
12-03-13, 11:12
grey, for information on "local" research sites, you can't do better than search the FTF reference library.
It's always my first port of call for research ANYWHERE, worldwide. It was compiled from information supplied by members, who have grass roots knowledge and expertise.:)


12-03-13, 11:28
I go between Ancestry and Findmypast

12-03-13, 11:52

Being heavily into Northants myself I do belong to the Northants FHS and the Northants Record Society. I also find the coverage on Free Reg is very favourable for Northants and I have bought many of the Northants village books on Amazon or Abe Books where I have found some references to my own families. The Nortamptonshire Mercury Newspaper is available online through FMP and is brilliant for family names and places. I often just use the keyword section and input a village or a hamlet of my own interest without bothering with a name and that has brought up wonderful results for me. Google books has brought up a lot of information for me on the various Manor Houses and Lords of the Manor. I have found many parish records and wills for free online for many Northants Parishes besides the Free Reg. I bookmarked them all but some appeared to have changed.

What villages and names are you interested in for Northants and what years? Are you in border areas as I find many of mine have slipped over the border to Hunts/Beds and Rutland(Leicestershire)for Baptisms and Marriages before returning to original hamlet. Also remember that Northants was a great place for nonconformists so you may have to look at nonconformist registers. Some are online but Northants FHS do sell many CD's so worth looking at those. Northants CRO is brilliant at helping you with any queries or copies but if much searching is required, then you will have to pay them.

Have you thought of posting your Northants brick wall on here to see if somebody can give you a chink of light?


12-03-13, 19:33
Thanks, Janet.....one thread coming up.

12-03-13, 19:44
I have a friend who lives in Northants and transcribes for free reg and has just uplaoded lots of records.

Happy Hunting grey


13-03-13, 16:02
A small quirky, often useful site is 'Curious Fox UK" (find via Google). You can make simple searches by place or by surname.

13-03-13, 20:11
Thanks Edna & Dump. Edna...more info on how to find those Northants records, please, chuck