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11-03-13, 15:22
I suppose a lot of you have had the same email that I've had, offering a discounted subscription. What do you think, chaps ? I don't know anything about them at all

11-03-13, 15:51
I personally wouldn't use them again.

They used to fine you if you did research for any one else, but whether that still happens now, I don't know.

I don't think they have much more on there than some of the better sites.

Janet in Yorkshire
11-03-13, 16:02
I think they have a maximum usage limit - not sure how restrictive it is. As Wendy has said, there was talk that some people had been fined.


11-03-13, 16:04
I've used them: they have non-conformist BMD images online, and pcc wills up to ?1858 online. Other records, as well (at least transcriptions), but I haven't used the others.

11-03-13, 17:11
So in other words I shouldn't create an account then?

11-03-13, 17:34
Thanks.....how can they fine you for doing research for other people ? How do they know if it's one of your families or not ?

11-03-13, 17:53
I've had a sub with them for over a year now ...... I have saved ££££££££££££££££ with their PCC wills alone as well as the non-conformist BMDS, I have had absolutely no problems with using the site, either from any supposed imposed limit or researching so many different surnames - all my own.

If a site thinks you are doing lookups for other people, and may be a professional researcher or providing a lookup service, then I think they are quite within their rights to pick you up on it and check with you. They paid for the rights to house the stuff and need to recoup their money after all.


11-03-13, 18:31
I am tempted by the Non - Con records.........

11-03-13, 20:15
I had some free credits for The Genealogist a while back & used them to search for a couple of specific entries in a Parish not available elsewhere online. I seem to recall finding the search facility cumbersome & not easy to follow, & needless to say, I didn't find what I was looking for but I wasn't encouraged to subscribe. Does anyone else find The Genealogist site difficult to search or is it just me? :)


11-03-13, 20:52
Well, it's not the best interface I've ever used, but not the worst, either. But the access to non-con records & wills has been fantastic. BTW, most of the non-con records I've encountered on The Genealogist are also indexed on familysearch.

Sarah, like most sites, it's worth it if they have what you need! And, for me, they did :)

Harrys mum
11-03-13, 22:49
They are my favourite site. I've saved hundreds of dollars on non-con records and wills alone. I also find their census transcriptions easier to follow.

If you have non-con family or want PCC wills, then it's brilliant.

susan h
12-03-13, 00:21
Does anyone know if pay as you go credits give access to wills?


12-03-13, 00:57
I found the National Library of Wales an excellent place for wills and marriage bonds, once you join for free you can view the wills on line and have them sent to you as photo copies for just a few pence I think I got about five wills from them.


12-03-13, 16:17
Thanks again, everyone. I've got a family in Somerset who seem to go wherever the fees are cheapest at the time, but their records are pretty easy to follow. I've got gaps in other families, but I don't know if that's because some of them became non conformists or not