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Chrissie Smiff
10-03-13, 17:44
Does anyone know if it is ok to add a birth cert to your tree, as long as the tree is private please? I have just added one and then wondered if it breaks copyright or anything? I read the downloading media terms and conditions (afterwards:o) but it isn't specific on this point.

10-03-13, 17:50
i don't think there is any issues woth it chrissie. i've seen loads of public and private trees on many sites that have them on there. i guess because the GRO signia is ont he cert, you can tell who supplied the image- no copyright there i don't think.

Chrissie Smiff
10-03-13, 17:57
Thank you Kyle:) I was planning to add some marriage certs etc as well and thought I had better check before I go any further.

10-03-13, 19:46
This is something I had wondered about too until it was discussed in an earlier thread. See post 15 from Chris in Sussex, apparently there is no problem:


Val wish Id never started
10-03-13, 19:58
I never thought about copywright have all my certs on my tree ?

Chrissie Smiff
11-03-13, 10:58
Thank you Sandra and Val:)

Val wish Id never started
11-03-13, 14:42
I find it helps me when I want to refer back to them for addresses or witnesses etc and its much easier than going through files.

Chrissie Smiff
11-03-13, 15:52
That's what I thought too Val :)