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Chrissie Smiff
10-03-13, 13:01
I have a tree on Ancestry and would like to add the birth parents AND the adoptive family on to someone. I don't suppose there is any way of doing this please?

If not, any suggestions welcomed as to how they can both be seen at the same time. So that it'sobvious they are linked?

Elaine ..Spain
10-03-13, 13:16
Not sure if this helps Chrissie ..
http://ancestry.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5539/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xMzYyOTE3Njk2L3NpZC9IYjhoV09rbA%3D% 3D

Prairie Chicken
10-03-13, 13:19
Yes, there is Chrissie, but it isn't visible on the page; like an alternate name. Follow this path: Edit this person > Relationships > Add alternate mother/father > Biological Change. Select your choice & Save.

Chrissie Smiff
10-03-13, 13:31
Thank you both - will check all that out:)

I have found another problem now - same family, different branch. Mr Smith is married and has children. His wife died and he remarried a woman who already had a son out of wedlock (no relation to Mr Smith). However, if you click on her son it is showing Mr Smith as the father, even though they didn't marry until he was 7 years old!!. How do I remove Mr Smith as the father please?

Elaine ..Spain
10-03-13, 13:57
Any help? ....

Chrissie Smiff
10-03-13, 14:37
Thank you again:) Both problems now sorted:)

Uncle John
10-03-13, 17:22
You can do much the same if you have a FTM tree on your computer. I have several eldest children born out of wedlock to the mother or whose father later died who appear in later censuses integrated into the married family.

Chrissie Smiff
10-03-13, 17:29
Thanks UJ:) I have been told by hubby that I may need to do that. He is in charge of the computer end and I'm in charge of the Ancestry end. Unfortunately, I originally ended up with two trees and it seems he is working on the older one (not linked to tree) and I am working on the newer one (that I have linked to the tree) :rolleyes: