View Full Version : 2011 World Edition £45

Heather Positive Thinker
09-03-13, 13:56
Dont know if anyone is interested but amazon have a 2011 World edition ancestry with 6 months worldwide sub for £45 at mo?


Uncle John
09-03-13, 17:01
Could be interested. I'm currently using 2010 world edition. My attempted renewal of the Ancestry sub. only gave me 6 months of UK Premium sub., which is a bit restrictive.

Heather Positive Thinker
09-03-13, 19:33
Dont hang about then as they will go quick I reckon

Uncle John
09-03-13, 22:39
Done. One left now!

Val wish Id never started
10-03-13, 00:06
could have bought both Uncle John ? still be cheaper than a years sub.