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Val wish Id never started
09-03-13, 12:50
Got a Death Cert today for a woman of 50 which says cause of Death Paralysis ,is this possible ? thanks

Chrissie Smiff
09-03-13, 12:53
Why not Val :confused: You can have paralysis at any age.

Val wish Id never started
09-03-13, 12:58
what I meant was could it be the cause of death ? unless of course it was in the throat ?:(

09-03-13, 13:05
There's all sorts of veriety's isn't there? Unless it's a word for stroke?

Chrissie Smiff
09-03-13, 13:17
Oh sorry, I see what you mean Val. If it was severe paralysis, like Christopher Reeves for example, it could cause other complications that could cause death. If it's an old cert maybe they didn't bother with main cause, secondary cause etc and just listed the initial problem?

Val wish Id never started
09-03-13, 13:45
thanks for your replies poor woman she seems to have spent some time in the workhouse, the kids have been a trial to find.

09-03-13, 13:47
These days if you're paralised they have machines that help with breathing etc. Didn't have them in the olden days, so she wouldn't be able to survive.

Val wish Id never started
09-03-13, 13:52
thanks Wendy , I knew that was the case with Polio hadn't thought that any cause of Paralysis could affect you the same way , poor lady.

09-03-13, 14:35

I found this brilliant site for old medical terms yesterday when I was trying to find out the cause of death of GGF in India


09-03-13, 14:42
I have that site too Edna. Got a bit of a shock when i found the cause of my GGF's death. I see paralysis as a cause of death is on there.


09-03-13, 14:52
Phthisis Pulmonisis turned out to be Tuberculosis as my GGF cause of death I would never have know that but for this site it is excellent ans shows many forms of use for the medical terms and where they were found.


Janet in Yorkshire
09-03-13, 15:19
I have often thought paralysis probably referred to a stroke, as I've also come across "paralysed down one side."


Uncle John
09-03-13, 16:58
There is also "general paralysis [of the insane]" which is a polite term for syphilis.

Val wish Id never started
09-03-13, 19:44
thanks all for your replies , and some of those illnesses on that site Edna hardly bear thinking about.

10-03-13, 02:32
would mostly be from a stroke, or could have been hemiplegia, where one side of the body is paralysed because of a stroke in one hemisphere of the brain. my ancestor had hemiplegia for 8 mths in 1881, so it depends on cause as to how long someone can survive.