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Janet in Yorkshire
05-03-13, 23:19
I've found a marriage on family search -
Florence Maria Withers & Harry Charles Knights, 3 November 1900, Great Yarmouth - no church named.

If I search for Harry Charles Knights, I get the above and also a second record

Please can anyone tell, from the reference numbers, the specific church where the marriage took place? Is this possible?

I found the marriage for Florence's sister on family search
- that record named St Nicholas church Great Yarmouth and I was able to find the marriage register image and download it.

However, the Florence & Harry marriage was not in the St Nicholas images.

Can anyone explain the significance of the letters/numbers, please?


Chris in Sussex
06-03-13, 00:00

Note the film number.
Go to FS main page and click on 'Catalog'
Next page click on 'Film numbers'
Enter the number.

For your first example, Florence Maria Withers & Harry Charles Knights, you get two results.
Parish registers for St. Nicholas' Church, Yarmouth, 1558-1901 and Parish registers for St. John the Baptist Church, Lakenham, 1568-1901

So the marriage could be in either.


Janet in Yorkshire
06-03-13, 00:10
Many thanks Chris. That's really helpful information on finding out where the records are for.

Interesting that there are 2 different churches recorded - perhaps they are the banns records?? I couldn't find the marriage in the St Nicholas marriage register images, so perhaps it took place at Lakenham. Off to see if Lakenham records are online.


Chris in Sussex
06-03-13, 00:18

When you get to the results page click on the Church name.
You then get details of what is available and if they are online it is written in red with a link.
Lakenham has a link!


Janet in Yorkshire
06-03-13, 00:47
Thanks again Chris.
The marriage wasn't at Lakenham after all that!

It was at St Nicholas, but on 21 Nov 1900! (The other dates must have been banns dates.) Normally I research in villages and would have read on a bit further, but there were so many marriages at Gt Yar (often several on the same day) that I gave it up as a bad job and thought perhaps it had been at one of the other Yarmouth churches.

Anyway, thanks to your help Chris, I now know how to look up the film numbers and find out which church they are for, so it's been a valuable learning exercise.


06-03-13, 07:24
Janet -
Have you used the batch number? For instance, on your first link, the batch number is I02563-7. If you click on it on the result page, it will take you to a page of all results for that batch (usually equivalent to events for a parish). Enter "Knights" in the surname field, search again, and you'll see all the Knights baptized in that batch.

Sites like Hugh Wallis and Archer Software provide lists of family search batches by parish - so you can find the parish you're interested in, and then search for names within that parish. Very useful!

Janet in Yorkshire
06-03-13, 08:26
Thanks for that PF - I shall have a play around with the site today.