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05-03-13, 18:59
Is it possible for someone to do a very quick Scotlands People search please? We all know that my great Nanna Cecilia Lennon had 5 other siblings and yesterday I visited my Dad's sister J who gave me a little more information.

I knew that Cecilia had another child before Granddad H, his name was Edward (deceased) after her brother. Now Edward was adopted by her sister Sarah and her husband H Reid. So that accounts for 3 children. I was wondering if someone could quickly have a look at the 2 births that I've got on the free search of Scotlands People?

It should be Sarah Lennon 1900-1950 and the mother named Mary.

Elaine ..Spain
05-03-13, 19:12
I can't help you Lennon as I am low on credits, but just to let you know that links to Scotlands People don't work very well!
You will need to give more information, e.g. parish/county of birth for someone to find the right one.

05-03-13, 19:52
Clicking on your link brought up a table of search results, including 34 births. I don't mind spending a credit or two if you can be precise.

05-03-13, 20:06
Hmm mine had 2 matches. Sorry I got confused guys. Cecilia was born in 1922, Bellshill, Scotland and Mary (Mother) was born in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, April 4th 1895. I would assume that all of the children might have been born in the same place.

Afterall the Lennon's do seem to stay in one location for a couple o generations before moving about.

05-03-13, 20:45
Are we looking for cecilia's children or cecilia's siblings ?, I have a few spare credits and am willing to look :)

05-03-13, 20:48
Cecilia's siblings, I added her birth details to give a year index etc.

05-03-13, 21:00
you know there is another cecilia lennon - b 1917, could that be a deceased sibling - sorry probably not, she died in 1932 age 14. I have 24 results on for births at scotlands people from 1915 (mary age 20) to 1935, what was mum's surname ?

05-03-13, 21:26
Lennon. There's no note fo a father at all, Cecilia doesn't have one and Edward (brother) was a Lennon and my Aunt said that Sarah was a Lennon aswell. It certainly seems to run in the family lol.

Chrissie Smiff
05-03-13, 22:30
I'm a bit confused about who is who Lennon, but going from the names you have given, born in Bellshill , from 1890 to 1933 -

Edward Lennon - 1906 and 1912
Sarah Lennon - 1893 and 1914
Cecilia Lennon - 1899 , 1917 and 1922
Mary Lennon - 1895, 1929 and 1932

06-03-13, 12:47
Mum Mary Lennon was born in 1895, Daughter Cecilia Lennon was born in 1922 and I would assume that the other children were in that time frame aswell. So that makes Mary 27 when Cecilia was born so I'd give it a timeframe between 1920-1935 to be safe.

Cecilia's first son Edward was named after his uncle and his Aunt Sarah adopted him as Cecilia was to young. I know that part of the history and it's given us the names 3 out of 6 children that Mary had. I oonly know that Mary had 6 children due to a company called Scotsfamily. I've gone back through my emails and this is what they were able to tell me without payment:

We have researched further in the original Scottish records and can locate the following

* birth and death certificates of the 2 un-named children of Edward and Sarah FOUND
* birth certificates (6) of children of Cecilia MARY'S SISTER!!!!
* birth certificates (6) of children of Mary WE HAVE ONE!!!

Chrissie Smiff
06-03-13, 12:58
Mary could have been having children from about 1911, when she was 16. How you would know which they are without paying to view each one though I have no idea. There are 24 Lennon births, just in Bellshill, from 1910 to 1933.