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04-03-13, 13:23
Can some one look at a marriage cert for me and see what they think the name of the 1st witness reads. I cannot post it on here as one of the peeps on the cert is still alive and I need to keep this a secret. I'm trying to track a friends family history and she does not know much and cannot go to her family to ask. Would someone be so kind to pm me so I can exchange information privately to see if they can help it would be so much appreciated. Will back in a while just have to pop out.

04-03-13, 13:30
I've sent you a PM with my email address to see if I can help.

04-03-13, 14:47
I've PM'd you if you want a 3rd opinion.

04-03-13, 14:53
Margaret I PM'd you thanks and Phil if we cannot sort something out I will pm you also thank you.