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03-03-13, 21:25
The marriage of Frank Charles Constant to Catherine Millicent Colthup 7.2.1925. Can anyone make out the profession of the groom, or his father's name (transcribed by FMP as Richard, but I cannot see it as that)

By reference to the 1911 census I think it's Frederick.

03-03-13, 21:36
Looked him up on the census and his father is Frederick

Think that's right as it looks like Frederick with no upward stroke for the d

03-03-13, 21:38
In 1911 Frank was a Butchers assistant but I don't think it says Butcher, shocking handwriting though!

Elaine ..Spain
03-03-13, 21:47
I think the groom's occupation might be - Railway.
Groom's father - Frederick Constant (deceased)

03-03-13, 22:04
Thanks one and all:bye: