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03-03-13, 19:20
Have Ancestry changed their search engine I do not like the new search way and always used the old way. I'm trying to change it to the old way of searching but cannot seem to see that option anymore is it not an option anymore?

Night Owl
03-03-13, 19:41
If you mean switching from "new search" to "old search" this is how I've done it before when I've ended up with the new one by mistake

In the bar at the top where it says "Home" - "Family Trees" - "Search" etc go to Search and when the drop down list appears click on "Search all records"

You should the get an option on the right hand side underneath the bar "Go to old search". Click that and it should take you to it

Val wish Id never started
03-03-13, 19:42
here is the old search link