View Full Version : legacies of british slave ownership

02-03-13, 04:52

not sure if anyone knows of this link. it is a database of owners of slaves in the british empire, mostly from 1833 onwards, who were paid reparations for the abolition of slavery in 1833.

includes mauritius (the slave registers are on ancestry) and the carribbean. they are aiming in the long run to have indexes of owners from the mid 18th century, and to have information on the slaves themselves.

11-03-13, 16:37
It confirms my ancestors were slaveowners in Jamaica. Just shows how many slaves they had at the time. I would like more information but don't know where to find it i.e..where the plantation was located.

12-03-13, 05:01
i agree with that. my mauritian research only tells me what 'county' the plantation is in.