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01-03-13, 16:39
Hmm, if a fisherman gets his name for taking fish out of the sea then what name does a man get for taking dead bodies out of the River? This is the 18/1900s job description that I'm after.

01-03-13, 17:31
have a look in our Reference Library... 'The Big Book of Genealogy' might just help


01-03-13, 18:01
I'm not so sure that it does have a name myself. Right now i've just got a little side note. "Was a fisher of dead bodies in the River Tees on the Thornaby side"

Tom Tom
02-03-13, 14:10
I wouldn't of thought it was a full time occupation really?

02-03-13, 14:12
Possibly a Scavelman:

Scavelman Cleaned and maintained waterways and ditches

02-03-13, 15:20
All I know is that George Phillips (my great Granddad) used to push the bodies from the stockton side to the thornaby side of Victoria bridge as the thornaby side gave out more money. Whether or not he actually collected the bodies isn't known.

Boat = Stockton
Building = Thornaby
In 1883 Victoria Bridge was changed into this:

02-03-13, 22:47
I've just got back from Aunty J's with Mum and she agrees that "Pop" as they call him used to do this as a part time job to bring some spare money into the home, I've had another look at the 1911 census and it does state Jib Crane Driver for the occupation.

04-03-13, 10:23
Great story, Lennon. :)

11-12-13, 15:11
Guess what? I've finally found some proof of it ;D


at the very bottom.

11-12-13, 16:03
a briiliant find- well done :good:

11-12-13, 16:16
Cheers. Just think the Library couldn't help me but a search of "Retrieving bodies from the River Tees" could lol.

Val wish Id never started
11-12-13, 17:24
terrible job the smell must have been awful

11-12-13, 18:55
Cheers. Just think the Library couldn't help me but a search of "Retrieving bodies from the River Tees" could lol.

great find Sarah, though I am sure that the Local Archives would have been able to help you, or maybe a Local Historical Society?

11-12-13, 23:14
To be honest I've emailed Teesside Archives and they had nothing to match my description. The library woman did say that she had heard something similar but she couldn't provide anything more. I spent the afternoon looking at reference books on the River Tees and History of Stockton. I even looked at a book on Murders surrounding the Stockton areas but the only mention in that was the fact that people were able to use storms as a way to hide bodies which would eventually end up on the river banks. Book title- Foul deeds and suspicious deaths around the Tees.

26-06-15, 14:24
Remember this? Well I found some more proof of this at Stockton Central Library up in the family history/Stockton history section :D