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01-03-13, 15:39
Thanks to all who made helpful suggestions after my first post about finding proof of the surname of the mother of my great grandfather, William Everett, born 1860.

I sent off for, and received today, the Birth Cert. of the youngest in the family - Alexander. It confirms that I had the correct maiden name, which had also been suggested by Elizabeth Herts, as Reed. Thank you.

Meanwhile I had discovered that Alexander died a few months after birth, 14 June 1863, and then today, on his Birth Cert., under his father's name is written 'deceased'. So Sarah, still under 30 had lost her husband, a Seaman, and a child in the same year - I have now found William's death as JFM 1863 - and was left with four other children to raise.

Not altogether unusual I suppose in a seafaring port such as Liverpool, or any other cities, in those days. Sarah is found in the 1871 Census living as an 'outside pauper' with her 11/12 yr old son William. No sign of the 3 older daughters who are probably in service or married by now.

My next challenge is my maternal grandfather - another William. I lose track of him after the death of his wife, my grandmother, in 1919, after which my mother and her sister were placed in Nazareth House Children's Home, Crosby, nr. Liverpool.

But that's for another day!


01-03-13, 15:47
oh that's super news Angela, at least now you know what happened :smilee:

sort out the info on the other William and get posting, so we can help in your quest, strike whilst the iron is hot I say :smilee:

01-03-13, 16:00
Thanks! I'm VERY pleased with the outcome.


01-03-13, 16:06
:good: :smilee: