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26-02-13, 22:02
My grandparents and great grandparents circa 1930. Looks like a seaside town, and as they lived in Bermondsey probably Thames estury or Kent coast.

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18-03-13, 23:57
Hi Pete,

I've looked at these pictures several times, and the scenery does have a familiar feeling to me.

I'm not anywhere near 100% sure, and it's not in the areas that you thought probable, but there's just something that reminds me of Great Yarmouth about these pictures.

It's the lamp posts in the centre of the road and the kind of castellated structure in the top right hand corner of the first picture. Yarmouth certainly has lamp posts in the middle of the seafront road, and I'm sure that back in the 60s that there was a kind of mock castle entrance building to I think the model village there.

As I say, I'm by no means sure about it, but it's a thought.. Perhaps if there's someone more familiar with Yarmouth on here they might be able to confirm it or rule it out...

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19-03-13, 00:36
Oooops sorry.

Meant to add this......

I've found a couple of pictures of Yarmouth seafront in the 30s, which do bear a certain resemblance to the road 'layout' in yours. they're on: -


In the section: A royal visit Edward VIII.


19-03-13, 17:09
Hastings possibly?

19-03-13, 23:56
Thanks for the suggestions folks.

Paul, those pictures of Yarmouth do look similar, and I do know that Yarmouth was my Grandad's favourite holiday destination in later life. My grandmother (in the bottom picture) died of TB in 1938 not long after my mother was born, and my grandfather remarried. They used to holiday there every year until they were too old to travel.

Jen, I can see why you say Hastings, but the only picture I can find that shows the lamp posts in the middle of the street also has railings, but I will keep looking.