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25-02-13, 23:26
Hey guys, a while ago I sent an email to a scottish company asking for help on my Lennon search.

Specifically Edward Lennon & Sarah McGovern.
They married in 1894.

I know that they had a daughter Mary in 1895 and another Cecilia in 1901.
Now according to information that I gained from this company (ScotsFamily) Edward & Sarah had 2 children that died, quote taken from email, it's a good job I don't delete my family history stuff.

We have researched further in the original Scottish records and can locate the following:
* birth and death certificates of the 2 un-named children of Edward and Sarah
* birth certificates (6) of children of Cecilia
* birth certificates (6) of children of Mary

What I'm wishing to know is how to locate these 2 children if its possible?
Obviously I have one child of Mary-no father as she's my 2x Great Grandmother.

I didn't let the company do the research as it would have cost me £112 apparently.
Many thanks,

25-02-13, 23:48
I tried a death search for LENNON, b 1900 + or - 10 years and a young death and got 4 results for Bellshill-
Isabella died 1905 aged 0
Lawrence died 1913 aged 5
Matthew died 1898 aged 2
Patrick died 1893 ages 2.

Some of these children would have missed the census.
Could they be yours????

26-02-13, 12:47
They could be. I found the 1911 census last night. Mary's not in it but her parents and sister are. I've cropped the census a lot so that you can just see the relevant details.


As you can see there's 4 children born. 2 lived and 2 didn't, I was always of the opinion that they were boys, I'm sure that company mentioned boys when I emailed to ask about them.

Chrissie Smiff
26-02-13, 13:09
Looking at the births in Bellshill from 1894 to 1910, at the side of the deaths that Herky found -

It isn't likely to be Lawrence as he would have been around for the 1911 census.
There is no birth record in Bellshill for Patrick, so he may have been born elsewhere.
So Isabella born 1905 and Matthew born 1897 seem the most likely.
Of course you would need to send for the birth certs to find out.

Cecilia was born in 1899 by the way, not 1901.

26-02-13, 13:39
But the 1901 census has Cecilia born in 1900-01. I'm sure it did..
It's on ancestry the 1901.
http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=1901scotland&h=1699881&ti=5538&indiv=try&gss=pt&ssrc=gr_t45725931_p6939048345_ktidz0q3d45725931z0q 26pidz0q3d6939048345z0q26hidz0q3d50950772638z0q26d bidz0q3d1101z0q26rpidz0q3d1699881z0q26ssrcz0q3dgrz 0q26pgz0q3d32799z0q252c32842z0q26pgplz0q3dtidz0q25 7cpidz0q257chidz0q257cdbidz0q257crpidz0q257cssrcz0 q26pgpsz0q3d6939048345_h50950772638&ppvhash=0f6b06426dc537df1a4585ba21742a10000039c027 92b56f

I guessed it wasn't Lawrence and the birth of Patrick is before the wedding of Edward/Sarah. Matthew is more likely due to having a great Uncle and 2x great Grandfather being named the same.

Chrissie Smiff
26-02-13, 17:07
If Cecilia was born in the second half of 1899 she would still only be one at the beginning of 1901. When they give a possible year of birth on a census they are just estimating from teh age given. Her birth was registered in 1899 on Scotlands people anyway.

26-02-13, 17:15
Fine. I'll accept that and I won't argue.

Elaine ..Spain
26-02-13, 17:44
Lennon, at the top of this thread you will see a Date of birth estimator - which is quite handy when trying to work out possible births from census info.

Where is says Age in 1901, enter 1 (which was the age shown on the census) you can then see that her date of birth could have been anywhere from April 1899 to March 1900.

It's a very useful tool created by Tim (Grimsqueaker) !!

26-02-13, 18:02
Thanks Elaine, it truly makes things a whole lot easier, I'll no longer need to relay on Mum to work all the ages out for me, Discalcular truly is a pain.