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22-02-13, 16:34
Below, if i've done it correctly, is an image of a man in a car.

Now i know the Man and i know the car so that's not the issue.

What i would like to know is where the car was when the photograph was taken.

The photograph was taken in the 1970's and it was belived to have been taken in Burton Hastings near Nuneaton. However we've been to look and we don't now think it is.

It would have been taken somewhere near to Bulkington, Near Nuneaton in Warwickshire.

I know it's a long shot but can anyone identify the location that the photograph was taken?


23-02-13, 12:09
I notice the red telephone box in the background. You could look here http://www.waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=fbf57909-ede5-4df2-9b2f-9317eaabaf9e&lat=52.2671353&lon=-1.4675216&t=3&id=warwickshire&wo=True&st=2 to see if anything looks similar! Thats if the box is still there... Long shot but worth a go!

26-02-13, 07:52
Thanks for that Lauren. Never realised just how many Telephone Boxes there were in the 1970's - W'll keep looking until somebody just happens to fall upon the post and who recognises around 40 foot of wall because they just happened to live in the village at the time.
Long shot

07-03-13, 14:16
From memory, it looks just like the scene from John Cleese's 'Clockwise'!
But I'm equally sure I'm wrong!

07-03-13, 15:34
Rather than actually visiting every villiage in the area, have you tried Google Street View?

A bit of a long shot, but as most villiage phone boxes are on the main road it may not take all that long to do.