View Full Version : Photographs: Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth ,Western Australia.

20-02-13, 12:22
Could anyone please help with photo of gravestones in Karrakatta Cemetery . They are all members of the Sanson Family .

Parents John Mather Sanson d 1929 Presbyterian Section
Emma Sophia Watson d 1914 Presbyterian section
Children .........George Robert Sanson d 1914 Presbyterian section
William Edwin Sanson d 1940 Church of Christ section
wife Maude Wilding , children John ,Doris and Beatrice.

Would be very much obliged

Elaine ..Spain
20-02-13, 12:54
There is an offer of help on our Research Offers: Cemetery (http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/732-Research-Offers-Cemetery) page in the reference library.
The member in question hasn't been online for a while but might be worth sending a PM.

20-02-13, 16:59
I'll see what I can do for you, EP -but it will have to wait for cooler weather as it is far too hot to be out looking for graves right now. A couple of your names are in the Fremantle cemetery, incidentally....you can check the details here.

The Trust do offer a photo service if you are in a great hurry, but it is pretty expensive. Re Karrakatta burials....be aware your graves may no longer exist, as a very controversial redevelopment scheme has been in operation for a few years now and from the map displayed on the link above, your section is listed for redevelopment.

20-02-13, 20:29
Beverly ,
Many thanks for getting back to me . I am not in any hurry , so don`t go out in the sun . I understand Australia is having a really bad time just now with the heat,floods , and fires . Anything you find will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for details of family , they all seem to be there .

24-02-13, 21:08
Thanks to Bev for generously getting the photos I needed . They were absolutely perfect .