View Full Version : Library Newspaper look up for a death in Failsworth, Manchester 1925

13-02-13, 16:31
I am researching my husbands tree and am looking for any information on his paternal Gt Grandmother's death.
There is no gravestone for her plot, so I can't find any information from there. I have her death certificate, which says:

Mary Jane Seymour, 8th December 1925, at 25 Oldham Rd, Failsworth, Manchester. Aged 45 years. Wife of John Seymour, a laborer for the district council.
Informant, H.Sidlow, son, present at death, of 122 Oldham Road, Failsworth. She died of tuberculoses (lungs).

The problem we've got is that, we can't trace her husband. We can't find the birth of John Seymour, the only thing we've got is, is his first world war record. He isn't in any census, and we know that his three children ended up in a Liverpool?? Orphanage, when Mary Jane died. If he was alive when she died, why did her eldest son (from her marriage to Frank Sidlow) register her death?
Are their any records from employees from Failsworth Council, if he was working there when she died?
I just hope there may be an obituary, which may throw a little more light on him??